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All of our online payment methods are eligible for PCI DSS V 3.1 security standards The PCI DSS V3.1 (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) security standard is a data security standard for major payment card groups such as only Visa, MasterCard, American Express.


Paiment with CIC Monetico Paiement

For credit card payments we trust CIC. Payment is made in a few clicks and your data is encrypted.
A 100% secure payment method!

Paiement with Paypal

Paypal is external payment method, 100% secure used worldwide. It is not mandatory to have a Paypal account. 

This service is transparent & 100% secure!

Paiement with PayPlug

Payplug is a payment partner. This credit card payment service is transparent and 100% secure!

Paiement with bank transfer

For payments by bank transfer, you just need to transfer the total amount of your order (amount including tax and shipping).
A longer payment method, but also 100% secure!!

Paiement by sending a check

For payments by bank or postal check, simply send a check of the total amount (amount including tax and shipping) of your order, payable to "La Boutique De Christelle".
Your package will be shipped as soon as the payment of your order will be credited to our account.